Reaching Call-to-Action Nirvana: Tips to Get Better Conversions


Let’s start with a definition because we’re all not always on the same page:

A Call-to-Action (CTA) is a phrase or button (or something of the like) that encourages your audience to complete a desired task. These tasks might be to contact you, download something, or buy something – right now!

More often than not, small business owners rely on their audience to seek out the contact or purchase button(s) and while they may have some conversions, they may also be missing out on simple ways to increase the number of conversions.

So, how about those tips? Here are 4 killer CTA tips to take your audience from observer to customer:

  1. Start with a verb, a strong one that makes sense to what you want them to do. EX: “Schedule a free consultation today”
  2. Give your customers a good gosh darn reason to act – “do this and get that” “call today and get…”
  3. Use a sense of urgency – let people feel the fear of missing the sale, limited availability, etc.
  4. Make sure the customer is very clear, from the start, what the final cost will be, the more vague you are from the beginning, the more people who will jump ship and abandon your site.