Scary Phrases You Should Never Hear From A Marketing Agency

It’s more than halfway through October. Have you been keeping tabs on the progress of your marketing strategy (if you even have one) this past year? It may be time to consider hiring a marketing agency to assist you in meeting your marketing needs. Does the idea of outsourcing your marketing scare you? It shouldn’t, but you should research a reliable marketing agency before hiring them to manage your brand. These are phrases that should frighten any business owner when researching marketing firms:




“We can get you #1 Google Ranking overnight”

This supposed “SEO magician” working on your site may actually be able to do this, but as quick as you get to the #1 spot on Google – the quicker Google will penalize you for your unethical SEO practices. Your website may even wind up banned from Google.


Good things happen with time. Think of your website’s SEO plan as a weight loss plan. A “spammy” weight loss product may tempt you with instant results rather than a spanned out diet and exercise plan. You may actually lose the weight on the “spammy” weight loss product (or not), but there’s several other consequences to follow. Unfortunately, if it’s too good to be true – it probably is.




“We suggest you buy your Facebook and Twitter followers”

Should you also buy your friends in real life? I don’t think so. While you pay for these fake followers, it doesn’t mean those followers will always be there tomorrow. Facebook and Twitter have been cracking down on fake social media profiles.


Build your followers naturally. If you post interesting content, the followers will come. Host contests and photos where users can engage with your Facebook and Twitter pages.




“Mobile websites aren’t necessary

How often did you check your phone today? How often do you see other people looking at their phones in public?? stated, “91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone.” These observations all point to the growth of the mobile industry. Smart phones are getting faster and offer more features for users.


Did you know mobile also includes tablet devices? According to, “72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week.”




“Email marketing is dead”

Advances in technology may make you believe email is as useful as the fax machine, but it is actually more significant in marketing than you may think. According to Marketo, “58% of internet users check their email first thing in the morning.” With the growth of mobile phones, it’s even easier to check your email on your phone with the swipe of a finger.



“Stuff as many keywords into your website as possible”

First of all, this is a very old school method used by SEO specialists. It involved using targeted keywords over and over on your website (literally stuffing each page). Have you ever read a page with overused words? It’s not only annoying, but it’s a “black hat” form of SEO. This very outdated and unethical practice will get you penalized by Google. If an agency recommends this to you, they are not on top of their game and don’t read up on the latest news in their practice.

The Bottom Line

Not all marketing agencies are scary – trust me. A reputable marketing agency will sit down with you to discuss your marketing needs. They have experts in each area you need help – whether it’s social media, SEO or any other needs you may have. This keeps you from having to hire an employee at your business that may only help you with one of your marketing necessities.


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