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Scoring Honest Local Reviews For Your Business

The importance of local reviews has grown within the past year, especially when it comes to SEO for your business. Sites such as Yelp, Google+ Local and Citysearch are huge resources for reviews on businesses. Getting reviews may seem like a daunting task, but with a couple minutes of reaching out to your customers, you can be on your way to a successful local marketing plan.


Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Reviews

As scary as reviews may seem, it’s crucial you push for them. There are some very critical users on the internet, but not all users are the same. Keep in mind: seeing negative feedback isn’t always a bad thing, and it can help you become aware of which areas of your business need improvement. There are also some reviewers that can be never pleased, so don’t take any negativity to heart.


Reaching Out to Customers Via Email

Ask! There are different ways you can ask customers. Emailing is a quick and easy method, especially if you have several subscribers. In your weekly or monthly email, insert a blurb requesting reviews from your customers. Be sure to include a link in the email to make the listing easily accessible.


Post to Social Media

Using your company social media pages as an outlet to request reviews is a less personable approach. Post to your accounts once week requesting users to review your business. Posting this too frequently can annoy customers, and it can result in them ignoring your posts.



Business owners with store fronts also always add a sign to the window of their store, or add a sign next to the cash register. Obviously this is something online business owners cannot do, but they can add “Tell Us What You Think” link to your website.


Get creative with your approach. If your method isn’t working, rework your tactics and try again. There are people on the internet begging to have their thoughts heard, and your business can be their next critique. Give us a call today with any questions you have about local reviews at 518-472-0060.