Signs You May be Using Social Media Wrong


As the importance of social media is increasing in the business world, those who have opted out are slowly being left behind. Some who are using social media might not be utilizing it in the proper way. Here are some ways that you might not be taking on social media correctly.

Thinking you are better off without it

Having a strong in-person network is no doubt important to business, but when it comes to social media it isn’t totally about you. Today many of our first meetings are now taking place in the virtual world, you need to cater to your stakeholders and meet them where they are. Adapting and changing to the environment around you is key to being successful in today’s fast paced society.

Having a presence

With more and more first meetings being online, it is crucial for your business to show up when individuals are “googling”. Having and updating your sites regularly is important. Sticking to a regular posting schedule keeps your name fresh in your follower’s minds, drawing them in to check for updates frequently.

Creating a conversation

Having a presence on social media is just the beginning. Creating conversations, relationship and engaging customers involves more than just broadcasting your news, specials and sales. Creating a two way conversation by knowing where your customers are and paying attention to what they are doing and saying goes a long way.

Creating good content

Promoting your business is all good but using it solely to send out promotions can lead followers to ignore your postings or worse, unfollow your business. Sharing informative, engaging, and entertaining content will engage followers to want to learn or share more. Training your employees in the right way to market through social media will result in better brand building for your company.

Being responsive

Ignoring customer posts can show you don’t care for their feedback. When it comes to negative posts, ignoring or deleting can be a big no-no. Negativity happens, there’s no way around it. Responding in a personal message with an apology, or explaining what went wrong is usually the best way to deal with a negative situation. Offering to compensate the customer or make a promise that it won’t happen again will show anyone who views the negative comment that you care and are willing to work with them.

Social Media provides us with a place to stand out to customers. Adapting to changing environments and learning from those who know its true benefits can only progress your business even further.