Small Content Tweaks That Encourage a Higher Rate of Conversion


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If you have kids, you know that they become super motivated when they start to master something and they can see positive progress. News alert: Even as adults, we’re still like that!

People Are Motivated by Progress, Mastery, and a Sense of Control

If you’ve ever gone through a lengthy sign-up process or shopping cart process online, you probably remember those websites that gave you a status update to what you’ve accomplished and how much more you have to go. If not, you may remember creating a LinkedIn profile and seeing the progress you’ve made via a percentage (you’re profile is 86% complete).

The point is, by showing how much you’ve done and giving you sense of how much more there is to complete, chances are you’re going to go through the rest of the process. If the process was too open-ended, you might give up and not return to finish it.

So while you’re website doesn’t necessarily have to have the ability to track and report progress (and it certainly can and would be extra-helpful), you can add text reminders that almost do the same thing, see our examples below:

1. On a product page, have a message such as “You’re only one more step away from ordering this product and having it shipped free!”

2. On a service page, you might have, “Take the next step and fill out our simple contact for for a free consultation.”

See what we did there? We provided people with a progress update, a sense that they are probably ready to take the next step, and a sense of control, letting them know ahead of time what the process is and how close they are to completing it.

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