The Adirondack Woodshed Inc. – Strengthened by Brawn Media


At Brawn Media, we make sure that each and every project lives up to our motto, “We Strengthen Your Brand.” One of the latest brands that we gave more
strength to was “The Adirondack Woodshed Inc.” by upgrading their website. You can see and read about the differences between the two sites in this
blog post, and learn about the changes we made to help the client


The Adirondack Woodshed Inc. – Before Being Strengthened By Brawn Media

The original website looked okay, but it had some major areas of concern from a marketing concern. There was a lot of redundancy first and foremost. There
was a menu bar under the logo, and a secondary menu of options to the left of the furniture. It also was not very usable on phones or tablets because
it hadn’t been updated in quite a while. A major graphics faux pas that it had committed was a large portion of the layout was white.


The Adirondack Woodshed Inc. – After Being Strengthened By Brawn Media


Streamlined Design

When we upgraded the website, the first thing we did was simplify the layout. As you can see now, there is no longer a side menu to act as a distraction.
This gives the client the ability to do what they do best, put their work on full display so it can wow a potential customer.

Artistic Best Practices Integrated

We also included a deeper color pallet, to make the website more visually appealing. The look and feel of any website should incorporate artistic best
practices like these to help make a visitor feel comfortable. When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. What feels more warm and inviting,
a colorful room or one that’s strictly painted white? We approach web design the same way.


Conversion Points Integrated

Optimizing your website to convert visitors into customers is important. We made it much easier with this upgrade. Anyone using the website can now get directions or even call the store by clicking one of these three buttons.


Mobile Friendliness is Standard Now

Most consumers are using mobile devices to go shopping, get new information, and much more. We implemented responsive web design to ensure that the website looks great on phones and other smaller devices.


We Strengthened Their Brand

By creating a new look and feel for this client, we helped to strengthen their brand. People who visit their site will have a more positive experience
than before, and have more confidence in The Adirondack Woodshed Inc. Do you want your brand to be just as strong as theirs? Call us at 518.472.0060
to get started.




Written by James Novak, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist at Brawn Media. Learn more about him here!