The Anatomy of a Visually Appealing Twitter Page

How do you determine if someone has a professional Twitter page? One of the first things you notice while browsing a page is the background, profile photo, and (most recently) the header photo. If these photos are pixilated or present inaccurate information, you are likely to lose your followers’ trust. Take some time to decipher what your page needs to gain extra attention from users.



Your Twitter background can be customized to your liking, and Twitter offers a few pre-made templates to give your background color. If you are still unsure about what to use as a background, utilize one of Twitter’s neutral backgrounds until you make a decision. This option is safer opposed to posting a blurry picture that will be partially hidden behind your tweets.


If you are a small business, invest in help to design a visually appealing and informative background. There may not seem like much room to work with, but you can fit your logo, company colors, and a call to action in the visible portion of your background. A graphic designer will also know what looks best for your company.


Profile Picture

Your profile picture is essentially the face of
your Twitter profile. No, it doesn’t actually have to be your face. As a
matter of fact, it can be your business logo. Whichever direction you
choose, make sure the image is square and does not exceed 700kb. You
never want your image to be cut off or indistinguishable. This is the
first impression followers will get each time your profile appears in
their Twitter feed.  


Header Photo

A header photo is the image behind your profile picture. Twitter now requires a header photo in all profiles. It gives your profile more personality. I can be anything from a staff photo, office photo, or graphic. There are a variety of paths you can choose to take with a header photo, and a designer can also have great input for your profile. Twitter recommends your header photos contain the dimensions of 1200 pixels by 600 pixels.


Do not ever upload a pixilated or blurry header image for your profile. This shows your profile lacks professionalism, and you simply do not care about your social media marketing campaign presentation. In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, pictures are worth more than a 1,000 words. A picture can make the difference of a new follower or loss of ten followers.


Get Inspired

Are you still looking for inspiration? Browse through Twitter and analyze how other businesses are presenting their profile pages. Take screen shots and record ideas that will benefit your page. It doesn’t hurt to experiment with your profile. Once your updates are finished all you have to do is tweet about it!

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