The Google Top-Heavy Ad Penalty And You



Google runs the show, just in case you forgot! Part of the algorithm that sends out site penalties and can have a negative impact on your site is the Top-Heavy algorithm. At its core, this algorithm checks to see if your site has too many ads in comparison to actual content.


How Do I know If I Have Too Many Ads on My Page?

Glad you asked. Matt Cutts, head of web spammery at Google, recently announced that a good way to see if you might get penalized or impacted negatively is to compare the number of ads on your page to the number of ads in Google search results. If you have more, then you just might risk angering the almighty Google. Let’s not do that!


But Ads Bring Me Revenue!

I know. If you find a page of content has too many ads (using the comparison tactic above), maybe you could split that page content into subsections, create new pages and then deliver additional ads on those new pages. For example, if you had (arbitrary number) 12 ads and you split that content into 2 new sub-sections, you could then deliver 4 ads per page instead of hammering away with 12 on the one original page.

Good luck! Contact us if you have any questions.

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