The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Brands


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What is AI?

So, what is artificial intelligence and why is it important? Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the development of computer systems to perform tasks that usually require the intelligence of a human. Computer systems have been programmed to preform abilities such as speech recognition, decision-making, problem solving, socializing, and more. It’s safe to conclude that today many people in our society have subscriptions to Netflix or Amazon. Have you ever had a movie suggested to you that the app believes you would be interested in, or recommend a certain product for you to buy? This is just one of the basic examples of AI and how it appears in our everyday lives. In fact, it is predicted in the distant future AI will be able to perform many jobs. Amazon and UPS are already using AI robotics to help people organize and retrieve packaging. But how far will this go?

Branding Benefits of AI

Many companies effectively gain loyal consumers and become successful by offering meaningful, connected brand experiences. Brands that invest in experiences have shown to vastly outperform their competitors. Lately, this brand experience that consumers are experiencing is driven and accelerated by innovations in technology but also with AI. AI offers countless experiences along the customer journey. Not only can AI positively impact your brand, it can also make your marketing efforts less artificial and more intelligent. Besides the recommendations it can offer as mentioned before, it is also possible to receive benefits in predictive customer service, retargeting, speech recognition, customer segmentation, and price optimization. AI is convenient for brands because it helps drive consumers to their products and services while giving them the opportunity to focus on other aspects of their business.

The Danger of AI

We knew this was coming, not everything surrounding robotics is always beneficial. An obvious fear of robotics and allowing AI systems to do our work is the potential for loss of jobs. Since AI is already helping humans with their work and doing some of the jobs that humans used to, the technology is only going to increase. But how does this affect a company’s brand? One aspect about brand experience that humans long for is the ability for a brand to make consumers feel special or enrich our lives. This is something that a machine can’t give, and seemingly will never be able to achieve. We desire our brand experiences to be as efficient as possible, yet consumers still seek a human connection and the emotional engagement that goes with it. Increasing the amount of AI in your business may take away from the experience that your consumers crave.

The best solution to this problem is to implement AI to your business in a way that will serve your customers in a more natural, meaningful way. Using AI has the potential to accelerate your business growth, but using it to connect to your customers and offer relevancy and success to your brands is what should be achieved.

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