The New Facebook Policy on Running Contests

Facebook contests can provide your company Page with opportunities for more fans and new customers. While a well-thought out plan is necessary for the contest to actually work, it’s crucial to follow the rules of Faceook’s contest guidelines. Recently, Facebook adapted a more lenient policy for Facebook pages to run contests. The new policy now allows you to do these features in a contest:

Third Party Apps Are Not Required to Run Contests

In the past, Facebook required promotions and contests to be run through third party apps. Generally, these applications wouldn’t be free, and it was an extra expense your company would have to spend on the contest.


This means if you do have the time to administer a contest on your Facebook page, you don’t have to risk getting punished by Facebook any longer. Although if you don’t have the time to monitor a contest, it’s best you use a third party application for the duration of the contest.

Contests Based on ‘Likes’

While Facebook once forbid contests based around user ‘Likes,’ the option to use Likes to determine a winner is now ok. Users can also vote with Likes. Therefore, these contests can now be administered:

  • Like this page to win…
  • The image submitted with the most likes can win…

Contests Based on User Messages

Users can now message a page in order to gain entries for a contest. This was once another rule Facebook prohibited during its previous contest policy.

Contests on Comments

Commenting on a photo is encouraged by Facebook to use a contest. For instance, a page administrator can ask users to comment on a photo of a product they want to name. The contest can even be taken a step further with how many likes each user comment receives.

Contests Not Allowed

Tagging is no longer allowed in contests on Facebook. The reason for this rule is that Facebook wants users to accurately depict themselves in content that is posted on Facebook.


This new policy opens many doors for different contest and promotion ideas. Sit down with your company and brainstorm these ideas. If you need any assistance in creating the next contest for your Facebook page, give us a call at 518-472-0060.

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