The Power of the Pitch


Elevator pitch

If you’re in sales you will have heard of the elevator pitch and you understand the power it can hold if properly executed. So that begs the question, how do you execute an elevator pitch by today’s standards?

When elevator pitches first got their start, a salesperson had only the duration of the elevator ride to make their execution and capture the attention of the prospect. Now, with the help and growth of technology, businesses are able to make their pitch through numerous avenues. Whether it’s a commercial on TV, a Tweet, Instagram or Facebook post, you still need a pitch that’s clear and has a purpose.

A Tweet, for example, gives you 140 characters to grab their attention. If you’re unable to get your product or service across in that amount while still making an impact, it’s time to hit the drawing board.

Videos have gained significant popularity and have grown over the past few years which make it the perfect avenue to take for your elevator pitch. Instagram allows videos that are a minute in length, that’s plenty of time to capture the user’s attention. Platforms such as Facebook also allow you to post and share videos, this also creates the perfect opening for the user to view your website and then eventually fill out a form or call your business. This route also gives the opportunity for your audience to go back and re-watch the video or to share it with their friends and family. Both of these give users the opportunity to interact with you in the digital world which means you need to pay close attention to your channels.

Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a traditional elevator pitch ready to go should you find yourself in a situation that could potentially benefit your business. A face-to-face encounter or telephone call can still open up the opportunity for further discussion. So brush up on your talking points and make sure you have business cards with you ready to be distributed. While doing this, avoid buzzer words such as “unique”, “game changer” or “synergistic”. These are filler words which offer little to your prospect and will be forgotten almost immediately.

Take some time with your employees or coworkers and work through your elevator pitch. If you can’t get convey your message clearly to them, it won’t translate for your prospects either. Better yet, try your elevator pitch on our team! Contact us today, we’d love to work through it with you.

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