The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Content Marketing: An Infographic


With the infographic above, we don’t intend to make content marketing sound like the easy, low-cost way to turn your tiny business into a worldwide brand
with a fan base a million-strong, because it’s not quite that easy. There are a number of things that hold companies back from enjoying the benefits
of content marketing. Do any of the following apply to you?


Rather than a considerable financial investment, content marketing requires an investment of time, and it can be quite significant. You need to create
your content – which can take a great deal of time all by itself – as well as post and manage your content. It takes time to find new content marketing
channels and new places to post your content. It also takes time learning how to create different types of content such as videos, webinars, reports,
or podcasts. Expect to spend a good deal of time getting your content marketing going.


Not everyone has the skill set required to create content. Writing, especially, is a challenge for those who haven’t written extensively before. Overcoming
the technical challenges of producing videos or digital products may also present a road block.

Resources and Tools

There are many resources and tools you may need in order to create, publish, and manage content. Finding the right resources and learning how to use them
can present a challenge. You can expect some technical difficulties along the way as well. The good news is that content creators like us are here
for you.


It’s natural for first time content marketers to make things more complicated than they need to be. Imagine sitting down with a pen and paper to brainstorm
a list of blog post topics. It may seem quite daunting.

What does your audience want to know? What expertise do you have that could help your audience overcome problems they face? What kinds of content does
your audience like?

Answer these questions to identify what your customers want, and then give it to them.

Too Many Options

Once you get into content marketing, you’ll find that there is a dizzying array of methods you can use to reach your audience. If you try to use them all,
you’ll become overwhelmed and give up. It’s important to narrow your options down to those that are most effective and to recognize your capacity.
You can’t be in all places at once, at least not in the beginning. That’s another reason why we’re here for you at Brawn Media.

No Results

Finally, you may feel disheartened because you’re not getting the results you’d like from your efforts. Content marketing is just like anything else: it
takes a great deal of strategy. You have to monitor your activities and make changes when necessary. Every method doesn’t work in the same way for