The Unicorns of Marketing and How to Attract Them


If you think the most competitive marketplace today is technology, you’re wrong – it’s talent. We are in the midst of the digital age, where information
spreads like wildfire and consumers seek out information when and where it’s convenient for them. The empowered consumer has changed the way that companies
communicate with their customers, and it has led to a vast talent gap that needs to be filled.

While yesterday’s marketers could get away with creative ‘push’ advertisements that wowed the audience, today’s marketers need skills beyond a creative
mind. To break through the noise in 2016 you need communicators who are technical, analytical, social media savvy and competent in human-computer interaction.
In short, you need hybrid marketers with skills in both technology and marketing principles.

The pace of technology is too fast for marketers to keep up with and marketing professionals all over the world are now finding themselves lacking the
skills needed to reach out with their messages. Because of marketing’s talent gap, these new unicorns of marketing are in high demand.

If you want your business to be a competitive force, you should make sure that your next marketing hire is of this caliber.

How do you Catch a Unicorn?

Evaluate team strengths and weaknesses.

It is important to understand what you have, and what you are missing, on your team. Identify the skills needed for a modern marketing team and evaluate
your staff based on those skills. Consider areas like coding and programming, copywriting, data analysis, graphic design, SEO, social media and lead
management. When you understand where your team’s strengths and weaknesses lay, you can identify the specific skills and characteristics needed in
your new employee.

Branding and Culture

If you want to hire top talent the process is not only about identifying the needs of your company, it is also about creating a company with purpose that
people want to join! Position your brand as the destination, not the steppingstone. Make sure to portray your company’s shared beliefs, values and
practices. Just like customers are more attracted to a great product, talented people are attracted to a great culture!

Online Presence

Connect and engage with candidates on social media. You should be writing blogs and social media posts that are targeted at career candidates. These channels
are perfect for telling your company story, sharing your culture and engaging candidates with your brand. The marketers of 2016 maintain a strong social
media presence, so should you!

In truth, there are no definite steps you can take to hire a passionate and talented marketing professional. Finding yourself a unicorn in a time when
they are the most sought-after product across all industries is not only a challenge, it also requires time and resources. If your business is unable
to venture out on a hunt for talent, contact our team at Brawn Media.
Our team has a diverse set of skills, talent and passion for marketing that will take your company to the next level.