Three New Facebook Updates and What They Could Mean For Your Business

Facebook is constantly growing and evolving, changing the way users and businesses interact on the platform. Here are three new updates Facebook is rolling
out and how they could affect your business.

1. New Insights

 Facebook recently introduced Local Insights for Facebook Pages. This new tab in Page Insights will provide you with valuable, privacy
safe data about Facebook users in your area. By utilizing this data, you can develop a better understanding of your audience and improve the impact
of your social activity.

What type of information can be found on the Local Insights tab? Local Insights shows weekly/daily trends for when users are near your business and also
breaks out the demographics of those users. This information can be used to determine when you should run ads and which audiences you should target.

Local Insights will also show you what percentage of people near your business are locals versus those who are tourists. This data can be used to tailor
the copy of your ads to a specific audience. For instance, if there is a particularly high percentage of locals in your area, it might be worthwhile
to promote rewards cards to encourage repeat visits to your business. On the other hand, if your data shows an influx of tourists, it might be a good
idea to increase your ad spend and use more generic copy, since there are new users in your area.

Local Insights are still being rolled out, so be sure to check your Page Insights to see if this option is available to you!

2. Advanced Notifications

 Facebook recently started rolling out a new personalized notifications tab for the Facebook app. Within this tab, Facebook will
aggregate important updates for users in the form of contextual cards. For instance, instead of shifting to the Facebook Events page, users will be
able to see friend’s milestones and any upcoming events right within their notifications.

But how does this impact your business? Users will have access to additional cards if they enable their Location History within the Facebook app. Once
this feature is enabled, users can opt-in to see relevant location-based information, including:


  • Events happening around their community
  • Theater listings
  • Nearby restaurants

    Facebook Product Manager, Keith Peiris told Mashable,
    “… I want a notification if I’m at a place and there’s really useful information about it.”

By maintaining an active presence on Facebook and sharing your upcoming events, your business could be showcased in the notifications tab, encouraging
more users to join your event, engage with your brand or visit your business!

3. Live Video

In August 2015, Facebook introduced a live streaming feature through their Mentions app, but at the time the feature was exclusively
available to celebrities and other public figures. On December 3rd 2015, Facebook announced that they would give Live Streaming access to
select iPhone users.

These select iPhone users are able to access the live video icon (featured below), where they can write a description, select an audience and begin their
live stream. They will be able to see the number of viewers, the names of friends viewing the broadcast, as well as a live stream of comments. The
video is then saved on the users’ timeline, where they can delete their broadcasts or leave them for other friends to view. Though this feature has
not been wide-released yet, Marketing Land anticipates that it will eventually be available for all users, including business pages.

What would access to this new feature mean for your business? You would have the ability to encourage users to tune in for your latest broadcast. For instance,
if you are a restaurant owner, this could be an opportunity to feature your gourmet chef whipping up a favorite dish or if you are a realtor, you could
invite users to a live tour of a property!

The trick will be to develop content that will engage users and help grow your fan base. Though the timing of the wide-release is unknown, one thing is
certain, live streaming on Facebook would open up a world of possibilities for businesses owners!


Written by Alexis Fazio, Digital Media Specialist at Brawn Media. To learn more about Alexis and the rest of our team, click here!

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