Track Precise User Actions with Google Event Tracking: Web Development Tip


tracking events on a website

Event Tracking is a tool that can provide specific data collection about visits to your website. For example, if your goal is to have users download a PDF, or to click your phone number from their mobile phone in order to call, Event Tracking will capture all this information.

For Mom and Pop businesses like a grocery store, inventory is tangible. They can check the shelves and see how many cans of chicken soup are left to sell. By comparison, your website is self-tracking, collecting vital info through Event Tracking. You’ll gain useful stats on interest in your products and the activity of your potential customers. You’ll know where your potential customers click, or other steps they may take on your site. Think of it as a tool to keep track of who’s shopping for your chicken soup!

This data will help immeasurably. Here are a couple of examples how your company will benefit from Event Tracking:

1. You’ll be able to determine if the design is leading people to the click (if not, regroup and change the design).

2. Your marketing department will be able to tell if searchers, direct visitors, or referral visitors clicked/downloaded. This can help strengthen and refine your future marketing efforts.

Better monitoring of your calls-to-action will help your website be more effective. It will also serve as a guide to shape future content, as you’ll be better in touch with what matters most to your customers. That’s what’s known as a win-win scenario!