Twitter Gives Us a New Way to Retweet Our Favorite Tweets

So you log into your twitter profile. Maybe it’s a company profile, or perhaps it’s your personal profile. You see that someone you follow has tweeted
out something that you find informative or entertaining. What’s next? Giving them a retweet!

Retweeting someone used to be like copying and pasting someone else’s thoughts onto your twitter feed for your followers to see. If you wanted to include
a “quote”, it ate up most of your 140 character limit. That doesn’t give you much wiggle room to elaborate on the tweet that you loved in the first

Twitter has launched a new way for you to retweet the things you like, while putting your brands stamp on it. They are now allowing you to embed the original
tweet within your tweet, leaving you 116 characters to put to good use.





Now, when you retweet, it gives you the option to add a comment. You can still do the traditional retweet with nothing personal added, but this new way
gives you a much bigger voice in the twitter-verse. 

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