Twitter Updates Their Policy Regarding Automation


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Whether it’s your email or the social media channels you browse, you want it to be free of spam – or as minimal spam as possible. In an effort to help keep your Twitter feed clear of spam, they have updated their policy surrounding automated posts across multiple profiles.

Twitter Updates Automation and Multichannel Guidelines

Twitter announced earlier this year that “we would be making changes to TweetDeck and the Twitter API to limit the ability of users to perform coordinated actions across multiple accounts.” These changes have been made in order to take a positive step forward in ensuring the platform stays ahead of malicious activity which can target important conversations happening on Twitter. Some of the critical conversations in question include the recent Presidential election as well as other elections around the world.

Abiding by Twitter’s New Guidelines

Twitter has noted that they consider duplicative or substantially similar content posted across multiple profiles with, or without the use of automation, to be spam and it is prohibited. The social platform has also stated that posting multiple updates to a trending topic with the intent to subvert, manipulate, or artificially inflate the prominence of a hashtag or topic is also prohibited.

It’s important to abide by Twitter’s new guidelines; failure to comply can result in enforcement action which can include the suspension of accounts. To remain compliant, users are to no longer: simultaneously post identical content to multiple accounts, do not perform simultaneous actions such as Likes and Retweets from multiple accounts, and discontinue the use of automation to schedule similar content across multiple profiles.

Contact Brawn Media

It may seem impossible to avoid something like this if you have multiple Twitter accounts. With our team of experts working diligently to maintain your brand, you won’t have to fear an impending penalization from Twitter. To learn more about our techniques and how they can work for you, contact Brawn Media today. We look forward to working with you and implementing a strategy that will work for your brand!

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