Use Outbound Links to Help Your SEO!


For a long time, Google has been preaching about what’s right and what’s wrong, what to do, what not to do. In fact, going against their own webmaster guidelines, Google is in the middle of potentially getting caught (again) buying links to better position their Chrome browser in search results. Buying links is a huge NO-NO imposed long ago by Google.

We suppose it’s a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ scenario all over again. Very misleading and potentially something that warrants an outcry from every webmaster
ever caught in the Google crosshairs of link problems.

More Inconsistencies!

On a smaller scale, website owners and their SEOs have been told that outbound links to other sites make no difference to a site’s rank, though we’re all
now finding some good research to the contrary.

We’ve Already Been Doing This For Our Clients

To be clear, we’ve been one step ahead of the ‘game’ and telling clients that relevant outbound links (to sites such as the BBB, partners, vendors, Yelp,
social, etc.) are all a good way of putting a website in a ‘good neighborhood’. It has always been our stance to include relevant outbound links to
accomplish two things: signal Google, Yahoo!, and Bing in a positive manner AND to create an environment of ‘trust’ with the end user (site visitor).

What Google Has Been Telling SEOs

“Outbound links do not affect the algorithm or your rank.” Really Google? Really really?

Has Google Been Misleading Us? Probably.

In a new study by a company called Reboot Online, they have some compelling evidence to show that relevant outbound links DO help.

So while it’s not uncommon to find inconsistencies with what Google says (or does; i.e. paid links), it helps to also look at any evidence to the contrary
— in this case, see the research study here for yourself.