Using Social Media for Customer Service


Social media is revolutionizing the way that people communicate and connect with each other. Thanks to social networks and mobile technologies, relationships
develop much faster and information is instantly shared and viewed. For businesses that has meant an incredible change in marketing efficiency. Sharing
content on your social network accounts immediately delivers the message to your audience. While most businesses today have embraced the use of social
media as an advertising platform, very few still dare to explore the realm of customer service on social media. This is understandable as customer
complaints are then publically displayed for everyone to see. Naturally, as a business, you do not want to parade negative opinions in front of potential
new customers. However, it is highly likely that negative opinions are shared online—and instead of trying to block them out, your company can
benefit from being part of that conversation. By using social media for your customer service, you display a high level of transparency that indicates
your company’s willingness to discuss and resolve issues, which increases the trustworthiness and reputation of the brand. And that is good for business!

Let’s take a look at a few reasons as to why customer service should be included in your social media efforts.

  1. Contacting customer service can be challenging for customers. We have all been there; searching through a website to find the number for customer
    service, clicking through phone menus and waiting in line for several minutes. Adding to that, e-mail and contact forms are very impersonal and
    responses often take several days. These are obstacles that can cause irritation.
  2. Social media is immediate. When people are upset, or when they are looking for answers, they want to be heard and taken care of right away.
    Guaranteeing a response to an e-mail within 24 hours is not enough, and keeping a customer on the line for 30 minutes is not ideal if they are
    already upset. The beauty of social media is its immediacy. As soon as a post has been published, a notification is delivered to an administrator
    who can take action.
  3. You humanize your brand. People trust other people much more than they trust corporations. When reaching out via social media, your customer
    will not encounter automated e-mails or phone menus. Social media lets you bring out a different, more casual tone that can make the conversation
    friendlier and in turn humanize your brand.
  4. You will never miss a brand mention. There is a constant conversation taking place online, and your brand is part of it. This means that your
    business gets a lot of visibility. With customer service on social media, you create many opportunities to point back to your brand. If there is
    an issue or customer complaint you can display your company’s presence and ability to quickly resolve the problem at hand. When it is relevant
    to the post, you may post links back to your website, which has an effect on traffic and your SEO rankings.

While it may feel like customer service on social media is a vulnerability, it creates more opportunity than risk. You will continuously be building a
personal relationship with your customers, increasing your trustworthiness and reputation in the process.