Using Stories to Better Marketing Your Brand, Products, or Services


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, using storytelling in your brand content is a huge advantage over the competition. Stories are very powerful because they grab and hold your attention. It’s no wonder why history and education dating way back when handed down in “stories” remained fresh and relevant for generations.

The same can be said for the short time you have visitors on your website, Using stories helps people better grasp your information while giving them a closer sense of you brand. A lot of people flock to testimonials, because they feel natural — when they’re just tiny stories!

Story Formats That Have Worked for Generations:

A Great Journey 

Coming of Age 
Epic Battles 

Stories are a natural way for people to process information. Done right, a story can imply a lot of causation that you don’t have to detail; rather, you use people’s common experiences for them to infer more about your brand and products.

Plus, for business owners who feel that their content and subject matter is very dry, stories will help better engage your customers (new and existing) and could quite possibly help be the tipping point to more conversions.