Video Marketing and Your Customers’ Brain: 1 Simple Way to Market More Effectively


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Whether you know it or not, your brain is super hard-wired for imitation and empathy. It starts young, so don’t try to change it now. But, as a business with an online presence, we have a super easy way to better connect with your audience through video and video marketing.

First Things First: What the Heck?

Let’s say you’re out for a jog on a hot day. The sweat beading on your forehead gets the occasional wipe and you do this almost without thought. The need to wipe the sweat goes off in one part of your brain and when you lift your arm to clear the sweat, another part of your brain fires. After the quick action, you feel relieved.

Now let’s say you and a friend are outside on a hot day and you’re both engaged in strenuous activity. You look over at your friend and he/she wipes the sweat from their forehead. Guess what? Those areas of your brain that fired when you were out jogging? Yeah, they just fired again. It’s probably pretty likely that you’re going to wipe your forehead now that your friend did.

This is mirroring. Yup, hard-wired.

How Does This Help My Video Marketing?

Simple. The goal of your videos on your website are probably surrounding a desired action you want people to take, am I right? Well, then, use this to your advantage: Have the people in your video doing the desired action you want your viewers/visitors to take. Mirroring has a strong effect on what people will do next. To simplify, here are some examples of mirroring:

→ Want kids to clean up their toys? Show kids cleaning up toys.

→ Want people to wash their hands before eating a meal? Show people washing their hands before sitting down for a meal

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