Web Trend Alert: Flat Design

dimensional vs. flat design 

Whether you are on your phone, on your computer, skimming a magazine or watching TV, you will come across different types of graphic design. If you look closely, you will find that designers will often follow a certain trend in each graphic. Just like clothing trends, design trends will come and go, and often make a return. Most recently, “flat design” has made another entrance into the design world.

What is flat design?

Flat design is very distinctive looking compared to other forms of design. This design takes on the form of earlier types of design, which lack any sort of special effects. For instance, a flat design-based website will not have shadows or any features that would make the site look 3-dimensional.

The overall look is very 2-dimensional, like the first video games on Nintendo gaming systems. The only difference between the graphics in Nintendo then and the flat design graphics now is that they look more appealing today and less pixilated.

With the simplistic style, typography is very much highlighted throughout the design to catch the viewers’ attention. You will also find a different color scheme with flat designs. The layout contains multiple hues, often much brighter and eye-catching.

What influenced this trend?

Some designers swear by this type of design, although they may not have a huge say in the world of graphic design. Although last week, Apple announced the upcoming release of the IOS 7 software update for iPhone and iPad products. Apple has a major influence on trends in technology, and the talk quickly sparked a design trend alert throughout the internet world after they decided to change the layout of the iPhones and iPads.

When the update eventually launches, the graphics on the Apple products will be flat designs. Those who are “Team Android” may not know that IOS 6 has dimension in its design, so this update will completely revamp the look of the devices.

Will your website benefit from a flat design?

Every person has a different taste in design, so you may not like the “look” of flat design. It’s important for you to discuss with a designer about the needs of your website, and give their portfolio a peek to see what types of designs they generally create. Give us a call today to talk about the needs of your website!

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