What Google AMP Pages Could Mean for Your Brand

Various devices showing same website

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is great for businesses looking to improve the user experience on their websites. By stripping out any unnecessary HTML, AMP allows content to be loaded almost instantly across all platforms. With the increased page and load speeds, this allows websites to give the user a smoother and more engaging experience, which is key in keeping a user engaged with your website. Engaging a user helps to ensure they will interact with your brand, remember you, and return in the future.

Websites that follow the AMP guidelines and specifications also come up with a higher priority ranking when being searched. When a person is doing an online search, your goal is to have your company show up first in hopes of this user potentially becoming a new customer for your business. With the use of AMP pages, your company has a better chance of ranking higher in Google’s search results. As you read in our blog ‘5 Tips for Your Website’s SEO’, website speed has been a notable factor of SEO for quite some time now. Continuing to ensure your website loads quickly ensures an optimal and successful experience.

If you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your company’s website, AMP may be the answer you’re looking for. No matter the age of your website, implementing AMP is a great way to give your company the upper hand. Remember, consumers love fast content. Having a website that does just that means they’ll be viewing more!

If you’d like to hear more about Google AMP and how we can implement a strategy for your brand, contact us today!

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