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What is Media Planning and Buying?

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At Brawn Media we understand the need for a well-rounded strategy. Simply creating a one channel approach does not guarantee success. There’s more competition than ever and more consumers with niche interests. The good news is that you have more opportunities than ever before to reach them. When you choose to work with Brawn Media our team puts together a comprehensive media plan to help get you to your goals. With years of experience in media planning and buying you can know you are getting the best opportunities at the best rates.

What is Media Planning?

Media planning is the process of selecting a combination of media outlets for advertising a particular marketing message that will produce the greatest success. It involves researching, identifying, analyzing, comparing, and working within a brands budget and brand guidelines. Key elements of a good media plan include:

Conducting Research – The first step in media planning is understanding the key objectives and goals of the campaign and business. Determining what goals, our clients want to focus on will help decide where ads should be placed. A goal of selling more products online or increasing brand recognition are much different objectives. Knowing the goals will then change where and at what frequency we place our media.

During the initial media planning, conducting competitive research is also going to help in making the necessary recommendations for the campaign. Understanding trends, where the competition is successful or where they could improve will help guide the marketing efforts toward what we should do differently or where we should complete.

Establish Placements – Based on goals and media objectives we will begin to analyze where the target audience consumes their media and what channels will best fit with the campaign goals. With mediums including television, radio, print advertisements, billboards, social media and SEM the planning space can be overwhelming if you are not working with media panning pro.

Know You Budgets – Different objectives and media placements will have vastly different budgets. When planning your campaign strategy, the team at Brawn Media will look at the overall allocation of budget and put together a proposal keeping budget minimums, proposed impressions and campaign goals in mind.

What is Media Buying?

Media buying is the process of placing ads after the initial planning is complete. This process is where you negotiate buying ad space across the intended media channels. Having a well-versed media buyer placing ads will help you make the best buys at the most competitive rates. A good media buyer understands trends, audiences, objectives, and budget.  Key elements in media buying include:

Establishing Relationships – Media capabilities are always changing and the easiest way to get the best rates and the newest resources is to stay connected with the best reps in the business. Every campaign does not always use the same or consistent mediums, and a good media plan can pivot based on campaign results. Established relationships can help get campaigns stared faster and often at cheaper rates. At Brawn we pride ourselves in having long-term partnerships with the industry’s leading vendors.

Negotiate Rates – There are many factors that contribute to the cost of a particular ad placement. When completing the media buying process of a campaign, the best advice we can give is to work with Brawn Media. We understand the ins and out of how and why rates are priced a certain way. We may be able to work with reps to get better or additional placements for no additional cost.

Work With Brawn Media, The Best In The Business!

We can’t wait to help you identify you goals and come up with a comprehensive media plan to help you succeed. Choose to be amazing. Choose Brawn Media to be your media planning and buying partner. Contact us to get started today!