What Zombies Have Taught Us About Surviving Social Media Marketing

Whether the zombie apocalypse is coming or not, it’s time to prepare. Television shows, books and movies including: The Walking Dead, The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z, and others have festered our lives with mindless, brain-consuming monsters. So what can we learn from them? In this present-day world, our customers are like zombies, and preparing for a zombie apocalypse is the same as assembling your social media marketing strategy. Here’s how:

1. Be Patient – It’s Only the Beginning

Just starting up your social media campaign? The results will generally not be instant or even overnight. You’re in for quite the adventure. As tempting as it is to check your Facebook for impressions or customer engagement, you need to be patient, as well as consistent with your efforts. Remember, good things happen with time.


2. Don’t Stay In One Place

Don’t let a trend get past you. Using the same tactics as you were two years ago – or even a couple months ago – can put you at a risk for getting eaten alive by your customers. Social media is constantly evolving, and you should be too. Always look to move forward and follow how industry professionals are improving their strategies by reading ebooks, blogs and tracking their social media pages.


3. Get Organized – Now!

If you don’t already have a social media strategy or plan, it’s time to get one. This is the only way you will be able to track and see if you are reaching your goals. The easiest way to stay consistent with your social media is by creating an editorial calendar, and creating strict deadlines. This way, you are always prepared to create work and you can focus on how your zombies (aka customers) are sharing your content.


4. Always Listen to What’s Going On Around You

Keep your ears open and your eyes pealed for any attacks from your customers. Be ready to respond to critical consumers that want to feed off your brain – I mean, brand. As bloodthirsty as some of these “walkers” may seem, they may just be what you needed to hear to prevent a disaster. Review your social media tactics and look for ways to improve while moving forward.


5. Appreciate the Little Things

Don’t let your customers scare you away. There are plenty of positives in the land of social media marketing. If a customer is reaching out to say they love your service or product, be sure to thank them. This small act of kindness and appreciation can lead to bigger sales.


Do you think you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse yet? Don’t worry, you only need to use this guide for your social media marketing strategy…for now.

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