Why Mobile Apps for Business Are Key to Your Success


Why Mobile Apps for Business Are Key to Your Success

We used to say that simply building a website without SEO or PPC is like erecting a billboard in a barren field. You needed (and still do!) web marketing
to drive lanes of traffic past your ‘virtual billboard’ in order to capture eyes, ears, and the hearts and minds of current and new customers.

So, while we still say that’s necessary, a newer necessity lies in mobile. Sure, a responsive website will translate well, visually, on smaller mobile
screens, but mobile behavior is changing rapidly. In fact, app analytics company Flurry has released data proving this point, based on the close tracking
of more than 300k apps. What did they find?

Flurry’s App Data Findings Are Very Telling of the Future

Flurry found that people are spending an average of two hours and thirty-eight minutes, per day, on their mobile devices. What’s most eye-opening is
that 80% of that mobile time is spent in apps and the remaining 20% in their browsers. Customers (current and potential) love mobile apps. In just
3 years, the time spent on mobile devices, by Americans, has increased by 575%.

The Differences Between Apps and Responsive Websites

So, the question is asked: What are the driving differences between the two?

How about some bullet points!?

  • People, when treated well, are loyal to brands. An app makes sense.
  • Apps allow for push notifications (messages sent directly to app owners)
  • Apps allow for GPS-based deals and coupons
  • Apps directly involve customers with the brand through ‘check-in’ deals and coupons
  • Apps keep your brand top-of-mind: They exist on the users’ device at all times (unless deleted)
  • Apps drastically reduce searching time, browser typing time, one click and the customer is there
  • Millennials are dictating the future of digital (see next)

 Millennials: Likes, Dislikes, and the Transfer of Wealth 

  • Millennials are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends; most researchers
    and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.
  • Millennials are brand loyal when they have a good experience with a brand.
  • Millennials use apps more often than the browser.
  • Millennials will represent the largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen in the next 10 years; we’re talking about the transfer of wealth
    in a range slightly higher than 7 trillion dollars. This alone should signal every business to plan for and implement marketing changes based
    on the behavior and personal choices of Millennials.

Babadish: Brawn Media’s Answer to the Mobile App Future

A couple of months ago, we launched a new service, Babadish. Babadish is a division of Brawn Media that focuses on well-put-together mobile apps for
Apple and Android mobile devices. While our main initial focus is on restaurants and bars, we have been creating mobile apps for other industries
and will continue to do so.

We encourage you to visit babadish.com, and to reach out to us for a meeting so we can show you
how a mobile app can push your bottom line higher, without breaking the bank or re-inventing the wheel!

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