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Becoming a Marketing Master: Developing a Multimedia Marketing Approach to Attract an Audience

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Put your phone down. Look up from your iPad. As cute as the kitten videos are, turn off YouTube. Isn't that the 10th pic of someone's dessert you've seen on Instagram or Pinterest in the last two minutes? Look at the world around you. Count to 10. Are you shaking yet? Me, too! As much as the fact that we can’t stand peeling ourselves from our devices might drive some people insane, this is the new world we live in. And, if you want success in the crazy, online world, you have to play the crazy game. ...

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The Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making on LinkedIn

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The idea of LinkedIn is genius, if you think about it. The platform combines the power of social media for networking purposes with the informational aspects of a résumé to provide users with a professional, online environment to grow their networks, build connections, and even find job opportunities. As of July of this year, LinkedIn has 380 million users, with an average of two new members per second (DMR). With this information in mind, it is quite clear that using LinkedIn is a smart idea for those who want to increase their chances of networking and business opportunities. ...

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Safely Navigating The Digital World

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Creative professionals all have one thing in common, they need to make sure their reputation for creativity is original and top-notch. I remember, years ago, when Carlos Mencia was called out for being a “joke thief”. He had recycled a variety of other comedians’ routines, and lost his credibility within the industry.  ...

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Google & Alphabet: Keep Calm and Search on!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

If you’ve heard the rumblings online about Google changing its name, well, it hasn’t. Google is still Google; however, the main ‘umbrella’name of the company that owns Google is now Alphabet. Yep, Google is just a company underneath the new umbrella name ‘Alphabet’.  ...

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