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The Sweet Relationship Between Television and Digital

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

With digital marketing being all the rage, advertisers often feel the immediate need to pull money out of their traditional advertising avenues and disperse it through all digital mediums. However, researchers would argue that doing so is not always wise!


Television has a unique way of reaching consumers. It utilizes motion, sound, and imagery to stimulate interest. The biggest advantage of television advertising is its reach. Considered a mass media, TV works incredibly well with pushing out your message, offer or unique selling proposition. Knowing this, advertisers utilize TV to promote a generic message as the ads are typically not made for a granular target (by geo, gender or race).


According to the New York Times, 96.7% of American households own television sets making it one of the largest advertising mediums available to advertisers. However, quantity doesn’t always outweigh quality.
In order to truly get the most BANG for your buck as you advertise your business, it is important you have a healthy media mix of traditional and digital advertising. Currently, successful advertisers utilize TV as their primary form of “push” advertising while using digital advertising as their primary means of “pull” advertising.
According to, push advertising tries to push products or services towards customers using big ads and attention-grabbing claims to put products into the minds of customers. Pull advertising, however, targets the right customer at the right time and pulls them towards a product or service.


Having synergy between your marketing efforts is crucial to your success as well as diversifying your marketing mediums. Let television promote your message and digital capture your customers.


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Reputation Matters, Inaccurate Online Listings Can Hurt Businesses

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

We’ve been hearing about fake news a lot lately, but, what about fake business listings? These can be almost, if not more so, dangerous than fake news for a business. Current customers and potential alike can encounter a fake business listing and think you’ve moved, or worse-think you’ve closed. Do you have something in place to fix these issues so you aren’t worrying?


This is precisely what happened to Finnbar’s Pub in Troy. A fake Facebook page was made that said they were closed. The owners were not aware until they received quite a few phone calls asking if they were open. After searching Facebook, Megan Costello found a fake listing that said: “permanently closed”. There’s no way to tell exactly how much business they lost due to this. Weeks later, she and her husband were able to have the fake listing removed. This is a prime example of how inaccurate online listings can be detrimental to businesses and why they need to monitor their online footprint.


Smartphones have fundamentally changed the way customers interact with local businesses. Since 2011, “near me” searches have increased by 34x! You know that your business relies on customers, current and new, in order to survive. Inconsistent or inaccurate online listings results in low confidence, which decreases search ranking and risks lost business. We’re not the only ones who know how important monitoring is for you and your business. The Better Business Bureau thinks so too. Melanie McGovern, Communications Director for the Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York, recently had this to say "We always tell our accredited businesses if they have a Facebook page, if they have a Twitter profile, if they have anything on social media, you have to monitor it.”


Monitoring the online footprint of a business can be daunting if you’re trying to tackle it on your own, after all, you do have a business to run! Our online reputation management tool – BrawnGuard – is here to help! In addition to making sure your business’ NAP info is correct online, BrawnGuard has the ability to add photos, links, enticing call-to-actions, offers and longer business descriptions. All of this is done so that your business stands out above the rest. BrawnGuard not only corrects listing information where it exists but also creates a new enhanced listing for your business on over 70 online directories. Think of this as 70 small ads in newspaper business directory pages! The difference is these ads run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and can show up when someone searches specifically for your product or service!


And that’s not all….in addition to correcting online listings, BrawnGuard has a strong Duplicate Suppression Tool that allows you to get rid of any duplicate listings that may exist for your business. Online review monitoring is yet another feature of the product. You will be notified within 24 hours of new reviews from major review sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, CitySearch and more, so you can be aware of what consumers are saying about your business and respond to those reviews in a timely fashion.


Even if you’re well versed in the online world, this is a lot to take in; BrawnGuard is the solution to your online footprint problem. Let us do the work so you’re able to focus on the bigger picture-your business flourishing!


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