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Facebook Domain Verification Allows for Link Preview Editing

Brawn Media // Tuesday, December 05, 2017

In an effort to combat “fake news” Facebook underwent a few changes in late 2017. The social media giant made it nearly impossible to make edits in the link preview, so if there was an error in the metadata or the image was blurry you were stuck with it – unless you had a few tricks up your sleeve.


A recap of the change and why it became an issue: It became more evident in 2017 that Facebook users were able to take a link from a reputable source and make the edits they desired so that it appeared as though the article was about something else or that something was stated in the article. This bait and switch has come to be known as “click bait” or even “fake news”.
On a small scale, this isn’t a bad idea. Looking at the larger picture, what if this was your link and you simply wanted to change the picture or shorten the metadata? Below is a preview from our Facebook page with one of our links.


With the change made, the title, metadata, and image were no longer possible edits, even though it came from our domain. So what’s the newest change made to combat fake news without hindering everyone?


Facebook Domain Verification: Luckily for businesses and marketers alike, Facebook has created Domain Verification which allows the content owner to overwrite post metadata while publishing content on Facebook.


In your Facebook Business Manager you are now able to add your domain. Understandably so, the domain will have to go through a verification process. Facebook has given two choices for the verification: add a DNS TXT record or upload an HTML file. In order to complete the HTML File option you will need access to your website’s root folder. Does this sound like a foreign language to you? It’s ok if it does; this is our area of expertise.


Once you have completed the verification process you will be able to edit link previews! This comes as a great relief to us, and we are sure it will be for you as well.


Contact Brawn Media: Still not sure what any of this means or how to move forward with the verification process? If DNS TXT records and Facebook Business Manager aren’t part of your level of comfort, contact our experts. We’ll be able to take care of this process for you and so much more. Allow us to handle your marketing strategy so that you can focus on your business. You’ll be glad you did!



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The Power of the Pitch

Brawn Media // Thursday, November 30, 2017

If you’re in sales you will have heard of the elevator pitch and you understand the power it can hold if properly executed. So that begs the question, how do you execute an elevator pitch by today’s standards?


When elevator pitches first got their start, a salesperson had only the duration of the elevator ride to make their execution and capture the attention of the prospect. Now, with the help and growth of technology, businesses are able to make their pitch through numerous avenues. Whether it’s a commercial on TV, a Tweet, Instagram or Facebook post, you still need a pitch that’s clear and has a purpose.


A Tweet, for example, gives you 140 characters to grab their attention. If you’re unable to get your product or service across in that amount while still making an impact, it’s time to hit the drawing board.
Videos have gained significant popularity and have grown over the past few years which make it the perfect avenue to take for your elevator pitch. Instagram allows videos that are a minute in length, that’s plenty of time to capture the user’s attention. Platforms such as Facebook also allow you to post and share videos, this also creates the perfect opening for the user to view your website and then eventually fill out a form or call your business. This route also gives the opportunity for your audience to go back and re-watch the video or to share it with their friends and family. Both of these give users the opportunity to interact with you in the digital world which means you need to pay close attention to your channels.


Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a traditional elevator pitch ready to go should you find yourself in a situation that could potentially benefit your business. A face-to-face encounter or telephone call can still open up the opportunity for further discussion. So brush up on your talking points and make sure you have business cards with you ready to be distributed. While doing this, avoid buzzer words such as “unique”, “game changer” or “synergistic”. These are filler words which offer little to your prospect and will be forgotten almost immediately.


Take some time with your employees or coworkers and work through your elevator pitch. If you can’t get convey your message clearly to them, it won’t translate for your prospects either. Better yet, try your elevator pitch on our team! Contact us today, we’d love to work through it with you.

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3 Tips for Advertising during the Holiday Season

Brawn Media // Monday, November 20, 2017

For businesses, especially those selling products, Q4 is arguably the biggest quarter of the year. If you haven’t already planned your holiday season advertising strategy, now is the time to do so! From Black Friday deals to Shop Small Saturday, even Cyber Monday, there’s a strategy out there that will benefit you during Q4.

Holiday Advertising Tips

1. Remarketing: Target your visitors…and target wisely. Using Google Analytics allows for marketers to create custom audiences based on their behavior. This is very powerful when considering how many are likely to convert sooner rather than later. Getting your ads, messages, and products in front of the right user at the right time is key.
2. Ad Copy: You don’t need to necessarily reinvent the wheel, if you have copy from a campaign that worked particularly well, ad a holiday touch to the text. “Shop now for a stress-free holiday season” or “Get it in time for the holidays” are perfect examples of adding a holiday twist to your already successful ad copy.
3. Terms: The holiday season allows for adding additional terms and keywords. Much like the ad copy, you can give your keywords and terms a holiday twist. Utilizing the keyword tool can help find opportunities for conversion.


With holiday shopping well underway for many people, there’s no time to delay! If this is something you want taken off your plate, or perhaps your digital advertiser isn’t doing all that they can for you, contact our experts! We’d love to get your campaigns on the right track.


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6 Ways Your Business can Benefit from Facebook Live Videos

Brawn Media // Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Facebook Live has been around for a while now, but, not everyone has used it to their advantage yet. Doing a Facebook Live video isn’t as scary as it sounds; you’re simply talking to your audience who are made up of people willingly following your business. It also holds numerous benefits, and, it’s free to use. So why not use it to benefit your business? Camera shy? Get your employees in on the fun!

Ideas for a Successful Facebook Live Video

1. Promote an Upcoming Event: Do you have a giveaway or contest approaching, perhaps a grand (re)opening, whatever the case may be, doing a Facebook Live video will help boost awareness and engagement. It also gives the opportunity to answer any questions your followers may have.

2. Engage with your Facebook Followers: Your audience interacts with your business on multiple levels; one level is your Facebook Page. They can leave a review, post a question or a comment, and even interact with each other. This gives you, or your employees, the opportunity to acknowledge the fan base your business has grown on a more personal (or human) level.

3. Address Customer Comments: This one goes hand-in-hand with our second tip, but, more on a broad scale. For example, if you have a blog on your website with a commenting section enabled, readers may leave questions or comments. You can answer these directly, but you can also share it with your Facebook followers. They may not have seen the blog, but, could have a similar question or comment. This also creates the opportunity for more traffic to your website.

4. Promote a New Product: If a new product is launching, or coming to your business, use this as a technique to ramp up excitement and anticipation of the new product. If you have some on hand, this is a great way to start showing off the new product and give some more details, including when you expect to have it on hand.

5.Answer FAQs: When it comes to businesses succeeding, we’re certain you understand how important customer service is. This includes answering questions, sometimes multiple times to multiple people. Host a Facebook Live video that addresses these FAQs, during this time encourage your followers to ask you any other burning question they may have.

6.Give an Inside Look to Your Business: Show your Facebook followers how your business works! You don’t have to give away all your inside secrets, but, this will help to further educate your consumers – you may even inspire someone to work with you! If you have a lot of team members who are “behind the scenes” you can use this as an opportunity to introduce them to your followers.

Bottom line, people are watching more and more videos and this is a great way to generate more engagement without taking money from your budget. You don’t have to use high-tech equipment, your cellphone, tablet, or computer will work!

For more tips on Facebook Live videos, and, increasing engagement with your followers, contact our team today. We’d love to help increase your brand awareness and engagement!


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