Media Planning & Buying

Traditional Media Isn’t Going Anywhere

We’ve seen a lot of change in the advertising industry over the last few years. It’s increasingly apparent that digital plays a vital role in driving strategies and tactics, but traditional media isn’t going anywhere. Time spent per day with television and radio has decreased by less than 2% over the past 5 years.

It may feel like print circulations are down, but there are still subscribers and this means your message is getting in front of a group of the most engaged consumers. This is the print version of your digital targeted demographic. Consumers who interact with newspapers or magazines are typically in a different mindset and space than those who primarily interact digitally. The bottom line is that the most innovative and successful advertising campaigns still make great use of traditional media – and must continue to do so to maximize synergy and bottom-line results.

How do you make effective decisions to define a strategy and allocate ad dollars?

How can your company adopt an approach to ensure optimal marketing reach and results?

Combining Traditional with Digital Advertising and Marketing

There isn’t one rule or answer to producing the results you desire, but one thing is clear: Success depends on using both traditional and digital media effectively—and often in complementary ways.

Sorting through the options is critical. As an agency, we have a depth and breadth of knowledge across all media to create the right formula for each of our clients. A solution that works for one may not be the solution for another; this is why our solutions are tailored to fit you and your brand.