Right-Brain / Left-Brain

Which Side Are You?

Most people use one side of their brain predominantly over the other side. Are you a Left-brain or a Right-brain thinker? Left-brain thinkers are analytical in nature. They take information, process it in a linear order, make logic of it and draw upon a decision. Left-brain thinkers make lists and do things in order. They understand symbols, as math and science comes naturally to them.

As business owners, you need these characteristics. In order to see the success of a marketing plan, you need to be able to employ these characteristics in order to continue to improve your strategy and reach your goals. Without being able to interpret information, you can’t make a decision.

On the other hand, Right-brain thinkers are visual and see the big picture first. They’re random thinkers who can function in a busy environment. Right-brain thinkers are more interested in the creativity process of a project and leave the logistics for those Left-brain thinkers. As a Right-brain thinker, you base decisions on intuition or gut feeling.

A marketing strategy needs creativity and spark that’ll grab your targets attention. With this in tow, your marketing strategy will generate more leads for your business and drive you closer to your goal. At BrawnMedia, we use characteristics from the right-side of our brains to strengthen your marketing goals. Find out which side of the brain you use predominantly!

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