5 Key Elements to an Effective “About Us” Page


When customers visit your website, chances are they want to know a little about you. Take advantage of this by introducing yourself and giving users a glimpse of what you have to offer. An “About Us” page receives a high traffic rate, and it’s crucial that those visitors gain trust in your business. A weak “About Us” page can easily cost your website a visitor, so make sure you give it the time and attention it needs.


Be Yourself

Don’t overthink this element. Just be yourself and be sincere. Introduce yourself as you would to friends, family and clients. Never boast or ramble on about unrelated accomplishments. Leave smaller details for your social media profiles. Instead, simplify your page to significant accomplishments and basic information that matters when talking about yourself.


Social Media Buttons

If a visitor wants to take a deeper look into your business, send them to your social media accounts. Add social buttons at the bottom of your “About Us” page for clients to gain easier access to your Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. As long as you have a consistent and up-to-date social media campaign, you could build relationships with these clients and gain business.


Use High-Quality Visuals

Imagery has been crucial to content ever since Pinterest and Instagram were introduced to the social media world. Adding visuals to your “About Us” page will break up the text, but make sure the images are appropriate. Blurry or pixilated images will cause your website to look less appealing. Remember this is an “About Us” page, and you don’t want users to think you don’t care about your company’s image.


Use head shots and professional images of your office. It doesn’t hurt to invest in a photographer. It will only assist in boosting the quality of your website.


Keep It Updated

Don’t create an “About Us” page and forget about it. The current information listed on this page will show the visitor that you are keeping up with your site. Therefore, the information, prices, and other vital information for your business would be correct too. Again, this helps build trust when a customer is considering using your products or services.


Don’t Lie

When adding content to your page, remember to give facts. Don’t lie about certifications, accomplishments, or services. It could damage the reputation of yourself and your business. Keep in mind you should never describe how awesome you think your business is. The customer will come to their own conclusion, which is what really matters. Instead, state the facts on what makes your business awesome.

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