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Benefits of OTT Advertising

benefits of ott ads

2020 has seen a big shift in want and need for over-the-top advertising or OTT. OTT is used to describe video ad distribution supported by the internet. Ads can be seen on apps like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the network apps that allow you to stream your favorite binge worthy shows.

With OTT, advertisers have the opportunity to get their content in front of viewers they normally would not have had the opportunity to engage with. With stay-at-home orders still in effect in many regions the statistics are expected to climb with more and more people engaging with this type of media. OTT services have changed how we watch television, it makes sense that this will change how advertisers reach their audience.

Here are the benefits of OTT advertising:

  1. Reach a larger audience – With streaming television numbers reaching new highs and numbers projected to continue to rise, OTT advertising allows brands to reach a larger audience where they are actually watching their programs. The shift in programming on demand has made every time “primetime.”
  2. Advanced demo targeting capabilities – The added benefit of OTT advertising over traditional cable is the advanced targeting options available to advertisers. You can target based on buying behavior, interests, hobbies, and even where customers are most likely to spend their money. This level of insight gives advertisers an in-depth look into the buyers’ profile and allows them to definitively target their messaging to the appropriate audience.
  3. Specific geo targeting – With traditional cable advertising the network reach often includes areas that may not be as relevant to some viewers as others. The benefit of OTT advertising is that the geo targeting can be extremely specific. For example, if you deliver a product or service to a specific neighborhood you can target your ads to only include those watching in that location. This is great for those clients with a smaller footprint.
  4. Advanced reporting and analytics – The ability to capture accurate and real-time data and insights is a major benefit of OTT advertising. The information needed to measure the success of a campaign is easily accessible and readily available. This makes it easy to pivot and change marketing messages quickly and efficiently. This will also help control wasted ad spend with campaigns that are falling short of expectations.
  5. Reduce wasteful ad spend – When you are able to easily track and pivot marketing messages to the correct audience at the correct stage in their buying journey, the wasted ad spend is minimal. You know the right people at the right time are seeing your message.

OTT offers a wide range of possibilities to advertisers to get their message to the right consumer. We understand the benefits of OTT advertising and the potential it has in the present and future. Using OTT to the fullest potential should be the priority for many businesses since there’s nothing more engaging for users than their favorite television programming.

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