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Billboards Aren’t Dead – Here Are 5 Reasons Why


Sure, mobile marketing is on the rise, but that doesn’t mean that all forms of traditional advertising are obsolete. In fact, billboards are one medium of traditional advertising that is still very effective today. Curious as to how that’s possible?

1. We’re Still Driving

Like it or not, most Americans spend a good chunk of their work week on the road, oftentimes stuck in traffic on the interstate or other busy roads. We’re
often desperate for something to capture our attention while we’re sitting impatiently, meaning we will likely take note of anything that’s in our
line of sight. This is where billboards come in – they’re right in our face, and we’re willing to take it in, especially when we’ve got nothing else
currently to occupy our minds. Combined with the fact that we’re seeing it day after day, it’s more likely that we will retain the information that
we’re receiving.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

Billboards are a one-and-done procedure. You create the design and copy, mock it up, and once it is finalized, it is ready to be up and running. There
is also no way for a billboard to get “lost” in traffic. Billboards are in place around the clock 24/7, you can still be sure it’s going to be there and be seen.

3. Design Possibilities

When designing a billboard, the sky really is the limit. Although there are some general guidelines to keep in line, such as making the message simple
and easy to digest when driving by, there is no third-party dictating the rules of your design. This gives our clients and design team more flexibility
to create a design that effectively captures the message of the ad.

4. New Technology

Just because it’s a traditional advertising method, doesn’t mean it’s completely old-fashioned! Digital technology allows smart billboards to not only
feature multiple ads on a rotating schedule, but also grants the ability to video billboards. Even more, some smart billboards even have the capability
of targeting to the phones that have passed by your billboard.

5. Grabbing the Impulse Buyers

What are you oftentimes thinking about when driving home from work? Many consumers are thinking about dinner, their shopping and to-do lists, and so forth.
Imagine driving home from work, stuck in traffic just before an exit, and seeing a sign for a delicious looking dinner deal. How likely do you think
it is that you’ll stop off and check out that restaurant? By using billboards, businesses can find themselves grabbing more impulse buyers, especially
if they are a local business that doesn’t offer products available online.

We’re happy to offer billboards as a part of our traditional advertising plans at Brawn Media. To discuss the opportunities for billboards and your business,
contact us today!