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In today’s fast paced world, businesses are constantly searching for ways to improve their customer experience and stay ahead of the competition! An incredibly effective way to help your business grow is by implementing a chatbot on your website. A chatbot is a computer program powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that simulates conversation in the form of a chat window on your site. A chatbot is beneficial for many reasons!

24/7 Availability

One of the biggest perks of having a chatbot on your website is you have now upgraded your customer service to 24/7 availability. This means that even if your business is closed, your chatbot will remain live on your website, and customers can get the answers they need. This is especially beneficial for businesses with customers in different time zones, or those who may not be able to keep up with consumer demand. In an age where instant gratification rules, having the ability to help customers at all times is a great business move.

Improved Customer Experience

With a chatbots 24/7, instant availability, the customer experience is significantly improved. Chatbots can provide instant support and can help to answer common questions, provide product recommendations, and help customers navigate your website. This not only provides the customer with a better experience of your website, but it can also help to free up your customer service reps to handle more complex issues for other customers.


Generally speaking, a chatbot is a cost-effective way to improve efficiency, the customer experience, and more. Hiring extra staff to handle customer inquiries can be expensive, and having an automated service can help to alleviate some of the workload on your current staff members.

Improved Conversion Rates

Another incredible benefit of chatbots is that they can help to improve your conversion rates! With a chatbots guiding hand, customers can be lead through the purchasing process by providing personalized recommendations, answering their questions, and helping them make informed decisions. This instant response will also help to catch customers when they are looking to make a purchase!


As your business grows, it can be difficult to maintain a personalized level of support to each customer. A chatbot can help you scale your customer service without sacrificing quality. With personalized automation, a chatbot is equipped to handle a large volume of customer interactions.

Customer Insight

Chatbots can also be used to collect information on customer interactions and can provide valuable insight into their behavior. This information can be used to not only improve your chatbots performance, but also to identify customer trends and areas that you can improve.

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Chatbots offer businesses incredible benefits. If you are looking to improve your customer service, reduce costs, provide your customers with personalized experiences, and give them access to instant information, and grow your business, think about implementing a chatbot on your website. Need more information? Our Brawn Team is here to help. We can talk you through the benefits of having a Chatbot and can install one on your website. Contact our team today to learn more.