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Why Your Business Should Use Pinterest

Many businesses have jumped onto online marketing, utilizing social media to do so. Unfortunately, there are some social media platforms that are often
overlooked, including Pinterest. Although perhaps not suitable for all businesses, Pinterest can be incredibly useful for many brands who are willing
to invest the time into making it work.

The Audience

Pinterest is known for helping users find creative ideas and organize them into neat little “boards” to come back to time and time again. The site has
over 150 million pinners, with just over half of them being women aged 34-55, and more than half of that number with a household income over $100K,
meaning that they likely have money to invest into the projects they’re pinning.

How it’s Different

Content on Pinterest, overall, has a higher shelf-life than many other platforms. Facebook posts, tweets, and even Instagrams get lost after time, simply
because they’re buried under newer posts. Pins, however, last forever, and users are constantly revisiting their boards, meaning that even if they
don’t immediately buy your product, if they pin it, they won’t forget about it. Search and discovery results also reign higher than recentness on Pinterest,
meaning if you create high-quality content, it won’t matter how old it is – it will be found.

Marketing Purposes

Did you know that two-thirds of the content saved to Pinterest comes from businesses? Think about it – when you’re on Facebook or Twitter, are you looking
for company or brand posts, or are you looking for funny memes and updates from your friends? We’re guessing the latter. On Pinterest, however, users
are coming to the platform eager to connect with brands and find new ideas and inspiration. They’re likely to come across an up-and-coming food blogger
who has just posted a fun and creative cupcake recipe, pin it to their board, and share it with others. They’re also likely to find paint colors from
Sherman-Williams for their new baby room. Users on Pinterest are looking for ideas, making them more likely to respond to content coming from brands
who are shelling them out.

Bottom line: Pinterest influences purchases.

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