Content Development

Content is the currency of the Internet,
Don't short change your sales

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Market Research

To be truly competitive, you have to know what your competition is doing. Our team uses conventional and unconventional tools to find your competitors' sweet spot in order to make yours sweeter.

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Budgeting + Goals

Any marketing activity without solid goals is like searching for a light switch in the dark. We set trackable goals and budget accordingly. We partner with you, not just sell you pixels. No waste, no filler.

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Design + Wording

This is where your goals are imagined and created with the finest pixels and words in town. Designing your pixel-perfect sales tool starts as a sketch and becomes a well-crafted conversion machine.

A website without useful, valuable, find-able content is, well, just a business card. To the general consumer, that’s pretty useless. And, statistically speaking, if a consumer visits your site and leaves to refine his/her search, you’ve more than likely lost that customer for life.

Good content is the currency of the Internet. It causes people to buy, share, and repeat.

Multi-platform Content Development Services

Thinking narrowly, the average website owner only thinks of content generation for his/her website. When in fact, customers are on many different platforms looking for and interacting with brands: from websites to social media to video hosting sites to blogs and beyond.

Content Marketing with Purpose

If the purpose of your marketing is to attract and retain customers, then using content marketing is a necessary component of your online marketing efforts. Learn about our approach and services by contacting us with your website goals.

At Brawn Media, we come from two marketing philosophies: traditional marketing and Internet marketing. Under one roof we have experts in both. Combine the two and our integrated marketing team will help you exceed your expectations and take your brand from working to winning.

Your Content Should:

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