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3 Strategies to Increase and Retain Brand Loyalty

Creating and promoting a brand is not just about getting more people to see your website. It’s about finding more marketing opportunities and using them to create a bigger brand footprint, but more importantly — you’ll be creating an environment and brand experience that brings your customer back to sell to them again, while encouraging them to share your brand; either by word-of-mouth or word-of-mouse.

You need to develop what’s known as ‘brand loyalty’ so that you get to a point where people aren’t just fans of your products or services, but of your company or personal brand in and of itself.

3 Actionable Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Brand Loyalty

  1. Be Consistent and Provide Quality at all Times
    The first and most important consideration is that you need to be consistent in terms of what you’re offering and the quality that you provide (not just with your products and services, but with your customer service, timeliness, empathy, etc.).In short, if someone reads a blog post of yours and enjoys it, they need to feel confident that the next blog post they read on your site will be similar in tone and topic and will be similarly consistent with quality. If your content is questionable in terms of topic and/or quality, your ‘customers’ won’t bother coming back as often (if at all), nor will they be as willing to share with others (thus, marketing FOR YOU). The same goes for the quality and consistency of your products themselves.
  2. Aim to Under Promise and Over Deliver
    Another good way to build brand loyalty is to ‘under promise and over deliver’. What this means is that you give your customers more than they bargained for so that they feel almost as though you did them a favor. This creates a positive experience that tends to bring them back.
  3. Offer Meaningful Incentives
    Another easy way to increase brand loyalty is simply to reward people for being loyal. The most obvious way to do this is with some kind of reward structure. Likewise, you can offer deals to your email subscribers or you can reward people for following you on social media.

Follow these three simple steps and you will be well on your way to building a bigger brand footprint for your business. Need help? Contact the marketing experts at Brawn Media.