4 PPC Trends to Continue Watching


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At the close of 2017 we began to see an increase in many pay-per-click (PPC) trends including audience targeting, attribution and local marketing. While those aren’t exactly earth-shattering revelations, they are related to a few trends with major themes that are gaining momentum this year.

Top 4 PPC Trends To Monitor

  1. Voice and Visual Search: Both of these search types are still emerging so ad campaigns may not be structured around these capabilities just yet, but, they still have the potential to drive conversions. It’s imperative to watch these behaviors with the change in media and the types of results these platforms deliver.
  2. The Appearance of Structured Data: For 2018 structured data will become a much larger factor as the mobile-first index rolls out. Structured data is important for many areas, including online shopping. Google is adding more “rich features” like carousels, sitelink search boxes, product reviews, and job postings, which are anticipated to have a higher click-through-rate (CTR).
  3. Search Ad Innovations: In the works for Amazon is its own advertising portfolio that their sellers will be able to utilize. This portfolio is expected to include search ads, and will continue to further push into programmatic in order to challenge Google and Facebook’s display and video businesses.
  4. Channel Expansion and Increment Measuring: The bulk of digital ad dollars will continue to be spent on Google and Facebook properties. That said, the combination of Bing and LinkedIn has begun to show the potential for incremental opportunities during the year. Additionally, there will be more ways to segment lists and give better personalization for retargeting messages based on the browser(s) being used. Targeting options such as life events and demographics will help give further momentum to these retargeting efforts.

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