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5 Advantages of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

The importance of your business’ online presence is vital to the health and longevity of your products and/or services. The line between e-commerce companies and brick and mortar stores has blurred, and now it is more important than ever to realize the full potential of presenting your business to consumers on the internet in a cohesive and consistent way. By hiring a digital marketing company directly, you and your business will experience a more streamlined and successful marketing experience.

Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

  1. Digital Marketing is Becoming the New Traditional Marketing
    The popularization of advertising in the early 20th century revolutionized the way the world interacted with businesses. Titans of industry ushered in advertising and small mom and pop stores eventually followed suit. It became apparent that businesses without advertising could not compete with companies actively informing consumers of their products and services. This advertising revolution fundamentally shifted the way the market place functioned forever, and the same thing is happening again. Print advertising has greater distribution costs per person and also is limited to the physical locations it exists. From a business perspective, not only is the internet a divine source of information, but also is a portal into everyone’s eyes and ears almost always. Think about how many times you see a bill board or print advertisement compared to how many times you look at your phone, tablet or computer screen. Digital marketing has greater potential than print.
  2. We Know What’s Best for Your Online Presence
    Everyone is online almost all the time. Even if you’re not sitting at your computer, your phone is constantly linked to the web waiting to notify you if someone or something contacts you. Everyone has the entire internet at their fingertips, which means that accessing consumers is easier than ever. This access is a huge opportunity for businesses, which can easily be squandered. Every active player in this online marketplace is getting more tech savvy every day, but it is our mission to be better than just tech savvy. Our team of professionals is the difference between your business being viewed as amateur and dated or professional and current.Have you ever had a pipe burst in your home? Have you ever had a member of your family confidently declare that “we don’t need a plumber; I can fix it!” And then a sitcom like montage takes place where even though they try their hardest, the pipe is broken worse than before, your basement is full of water and you’re left wishing you called the plumber from the outset? When it comes to your online presence, we’re your proverbial plumber.Are you familiar with Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, Search Engine Marketing and Website Content Development? Well don’t worry, we are. SEO, PPC, SEM and developing content for websites are all at the core of what we do to help businesses present themselves in the way they want to.If you are familiar with these areas, then you’ll know that the small business owner would be easily overwhelmed managing each one of these areas by themselves. The advantages of our team is a department dedicated to each one of these important practices. We have four departments working on every aspect imaginable for your online reputation to make sure that your potential customers see your business when conducting web searches or just browsing social media.
  3. Creating and Maintaining Your Online Brand is a Full Time Job

    To build a constant stream of organic web traffic to your business is a large project.In order to accomplish what a digital marketing firm can, your business would have to hire anywhere from 1 to 4 full time employees. Also, hiring new employees, regardless of how experienced they are, will require training to get them up to speed on the company’s standards and practices. This costly endeavor is something that every small business would struggle with.

    By hiring an agency, you will spend a fraction of the money for the same or better quality than an in-house marketing department.

    The difference between building your presence in house vs. hiring a professional agency is immense. We have the tools to not only build cohesive directory platforms across all of the top social media and online directory sites, but also monitor the web traffic they receive to make informed decisions when it comes to adjusting your online brand. Digital marketing companies also have the expertise to respond to slight nuances in the way popular search engines prioritize results to bring your websites and online profiles to the top of the page. In short, we know you’re capable of creating web accounts for your business, but we have the time and expertise dedicated to truly optimize your online presence.

  4. Your Competitor Has Already Hired a Digital Marketing Company
    Everyone in business is working at the margin. It seems now more than ever companies are on the edge of profit or failure. Your competitors are nipping at your heels and you are constantly trying to innovate new products, services and special offers to get a leg up on the competition. What our company has to offer isn’t exactly tangible, but the results are meaningful. By hiring a digital marketing company, we can exactly track how many people have seen, talked about, posted about or interacted with your profiles online, and in the current marketplace, data is power. Pay Per Click advertising is proven to be so profitable that businesses of any size would benefit from implementing it. By understanding what key words people are searching for, we can move your company’s profiles higher up on the search results page than your competitors, which is invaluable to generating online traffic. The results on the second page of a search practically never get seen, and even results outside of the top four rarely ever get clicked on.
  5. The Online World is Constantly Changing and We’re On It
    When it comes down to it, you simply don’t have the time to fully optimize your online reputation. Let’s imagine that you do sit down for a few days and update the plethora of online directories (like Google Plus, Yelp!, Yellow Pages) and also have your website up-to-date with all of the current contact information for your company and employees. Your online reputation is perfect when you finish, but for how long? What about tomorrow when the hot new app comes out that rates businesses and you miss it? What about the next day when Google changes how they prioritize search results and your business gets bumped to the next page? There’s simply not enough time in the day to keep up with the constantly changing landscape by yourself. Hiring a digital marketing company may be cheaper than you think and it will pay for itself time and time again.

Contact Brawn Media, the agency that has one foot firmly planted in the old world of print advertising and the other evolving and adapting to the ever changing online market place.