Why Are Landing Pages So Important for PPC


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In digital marketing, we often talk about the importance of using optimized landing pages for campaigns. While it may seem like an obvious necessity to
industry professionals, it appears to be difficult to get clients on board with these initiatives. In this blog post, we will give an introduction
to why landing pages improve PPC campaigns and why they lead to more conversions.

Quality Score & Ad Rank

Content, page speed, and mobile-friendliness are the three holy concepts that define the relationship between landing pages and PPC. This is because the landing page experience is an important component of Google’s Quality Score, which determines how relevant your ad is to the user.

Content: When building a PPC campaign, you decide on a number of keywords that you want to use in order to attract new customers. Your Quality Score increases when the ad is relevant to the user’s search query (i.e. your keywords). This means the better your landing page’s content matches your keywords, the better the Quality Score will be!

Page Speed: Today’s Internet users are impatient and want immediate gratification. Consequently, if it takes too long time for your website
to load when a user clicks your ad, they might quickly decide to abandon ship and leave the website. In Google’s eyes, this indicates that your landing
page experience is poor and can negatively affect your ad rank.

Mobile-friendliness: More than half of all searches come from mobile devices today. You need a mobile optimized
landing page if you want to satisfy your visitors. Designing for desktop first, and adjusting for mobile later, is simply not an option anymore.

When all these conditions are met, Google awards you a high Quality Score which can help bring down CPCs and improve your ad’s position on Google’s Search Engine Results Page. This has two major outcomes:

1.You pay less for each click, which allows your budget to generate more clicks to your website.

2.You get more visibility, which can increase the chance that a customer chooses to click your ad over a competitor’s.

Landing Page Design

A well-designed landing page should make it easy for the visitor to complete the desired action. Users coming from a PPC campaign are directly looking
to solve a problem related to the query. Unlike organic visitors, PPC users haven’t received the introduction and welcome that a homepage typically
provides new visitors with. The ad brings visitors straight to the page that has been selected as the most relevant page for the keywords in the campaign
– and that is rarely the homepage of your website.

If you ultimately want to generate leads and increase sales, you need to make that an easy and quick process for your visitor. Think of it as a sales pitch
or a cold call – you wouldn’t start a sales pitch the same exact way to someone who just walked into your store as you would to someone who had already
spent a few minutes looking through your window, would you?

Do you want to improve your PPC campaigns and generate more leads? Contact us at Brawn Media, and we’ll get you started right away!

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