4 Design Trends for Your Business to Keep Up On


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As technology changes, marketing changes, and therefore design changes. Visuals that represent a company are key; no one wants a dated look. Businesses have to keep up with the trends to stand out with their marketing, yet stay authentic and loyal to the brand while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Motion Design

How to stand out through all the scrolling? Animate it! Motion design is everywhere, and it is the little movements that count. Whether it is the slide of a menu, bounce of a button, or wipe of a slide, it can give your marketing personality. Websites, advertisements and presentations should be an experience.

Information Blocks & Icons

Keep it short and sweet. Bullet points and icons are a winning combination throughout print materials, websites and infographics. Icons have been used in web design for a while, but now infographics are exploding with them as well. When designing, it is important to keep balance using the same stroke-weight, color pallet and style throughout your icons so that they lend to readability, without taking away from it.

Handmade Typography

Calligraphy and handwriting fonts are being used throughout marketing materials, event invitations, and logotypes more than ever. Handmade typography can help your brand’s authenticity and give it some personality at the same time.

Bold Photography

Photography is key in graphic design and now is being used as a primary focus in digital advertising. For this, we can expect that the most popular images this year are going to closely resemble the photos we see on social media. We can finally say bye to the traditional stock photos of a family smiling and businessmen shaking hands!

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