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In an effort to combat “fake news” Facebook underwent a few changes in late 2017. The social media giant made it nearly impossible to make edits in the link preview, so if there was an error in the metadata or the image was blurry you were stuck with it – unless you had a few tricks up your sleeve.

A Recap of the Change and Why It Became an Issue

It became more evident in 2017 that Facebook users were able to take a link from a reputable source and make the edits they desired so that it appeared as though the article was about something else or that something was stated in the article. This bait and switch has come to be known as “click bait” or even “fake news”.

On a small scale, this isn’t a bad idea. Looking at the larger picture, what if this was your link and you simply wanted to change the picture or shorten the metadata? Below is a preview from our Facebook page with one of our links.

Facebook link preview

With the change made, the title, metadata, and image were no longer possible edits, even though it came from our domain. So what’s the newest change made to combat fake news without hindering everyone?

Facebook Domain Verification

Luckily for businesses and marketers alike, Facebook has created Domain Verification which allows the content owner to overwrite post metadata while publishing content on Facebook.

In your Facebook Business Manager you are now able to add your domain. Understandably so, the domain will have to go through a verification process. Facebook has given two choices for the verification: add a DNS TXT record or upload an HTML file. In order to complete the HTML File option you will need access to your website’s root folder. Does this sound like a foreign language to you? It’s okay if it does; this is our area of expertise.

Once you have completed the verification process you will be able to edit link previews! This comes as a great relief to us, and we are sure it will be for you as well.

Contact Brawn Media

Still not sure what any of this means or how to move forward with the verification process? If DNS TXT records and Facebook Business Manager aren’t part of your level of comfort, contact our experts. We’ll be able to take care of this process for you and so much more. Allow us to handle your marketing strategy so that you can focus on your business. You’ll be glad you did!

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