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Facebook Releases Trip Consideration for Travelers

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Facebook has recently announced that their ad platform will now offer a feature called Trip Consideration. Have you ever been eager to travel but just don’t know where to go? Trip Consideration helps travel advertisers target users who are in the early stages of looking for a travel destination. Trip Consideration will identify this category of people based on their behaviors exhibited on Facebook or Instagram.

The Perfect Audience

Facebook Business stated, “We know this type of travel discovery and trip planning is already happening across our platforms.” It is becoming more and more popular that millennials are using Facebook and Instagram to discover places to travel. In fact, a total of 68% of millennials have used Facebook to find travel ideas while 60% have used Instagram for their travel searches. Trip Consideration will help and encourage travel advertisers to reach millennials when they’re currently searching trips and finding inspiration for their next trip. Advertisers can promote deals and popular travel destinations to encourage users to book their upcoming vacation at a specific place.

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The Difference

Facebook has built a similar optimization option a few years ago called Dynamic Ads for Travel. Dynamic Ads allows travel advertisers to show ads across various platforms to people who are likely to take a trip. This differs from Trip Consideration because it retargets site visitors who have searched specific dates, destination, flight details and more, while Travel Consideration targets the consumer who haven’t begun this part of their planning. However, similar to Dynamic Ads, Trip Consideration works with existing targeting options to help advertisers effectively deliver ads to the right people at the right time.

Many advertisers who were able to use the BETA for Trip Consideration found positive results with their campaigns. As the feature continues to roll out for all advertisers, Facebook is anticipating successful results for advertisers who use it for their benefit. To discuss your advertising and marketing strategies, and how new features like this can be used for you, contact Brawn Media. We look forward to discussing possible strategies with you!