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Google+ Is Shutting Its Doors Early

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After an eight-year struggle to attract a user base and make a name for itself, Google+ will be shutting its doors in April 2019. The new shut-down date is four months earlier than Google originally planned. This change in timing was announced Monday in a blog posted by Google saying a security breach had been detected. 

The bug was live from November 7th – November 13th and impacted 52.5 million users. Information such as users’ names, email addresses, occupations and ages were exposed to developers, even if a person’s profile was set to private. Developers did not have access to users’ financial data, passwords or personal identification numbers.

The breach is the second one to occur on the unpopular platform in less than three months.  David Thacker, Vice President of project management, hoped to reassure users in Monday’s blog. “We understand that our ability to build reliable products that protect your data drives user trust. We have always taken this seriously, and we continue to invest in our privacy programs.”

So What Does This Mean for Content Specialists?

While Google+ was certainly not the first place many people checked for updates on friends and family, it still had its uses. Google naturally preferred its own social media platform above others so Google+ was among the many places that content specialists shared posts to.

Posting to Google+ provided a boost in rank for blog posts and website content in addition to helping with SEO. With Google+ shutting down, content creators and SEO specialists will have to work just that much harder to get blogs and content to rank organically. However, considering content should be made with SEO in mind, a major shift in mind set shouldn’t be necessary.

If you’re looking to fill the Google+ sized hole that will be left in your social media posting schedule, we recommend considering Google MyBusiness posts. The posts, which come in the form of updates, offers, events and products, are available to users for free. They appear prominently alongside a MyBusiness listing and will still put you in the good graces of Google.

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